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What to Ask a Perspective Psychotherapist

What to Ask a Perspective Psychotherapist

I have written much on the subject of psychotherapy over the past several years. With so many people putting out their stalls as psychotherapists, it may appear difficult to determine who is appropriately qualified to provide psychotherapeutic services. I have come up with a couple of questions that you might find useful when approaching a psychotherapist:

“Who are you registered with?” This may seem a self serving question, but there are three key bodies that regulate psychotherapy in the UK. These organisations are the UK Council for Psychotherapy, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the British Psychoanalytic Council. These are the bodies which have led the way in the recognition of psychotherapeutic practice in the UK. Their entry requirements are stringent and their training standards are strictly enforced. In truth, if you consult a psychotherapist registered with one or more of these three bodies you can be sure that he or she has been rigorously trained and assessed.

“What is your core modality?” This is a question that any legitimate psychotherapist will be able to answer and answer simply. There are several psychotherapeutic schools of thought and these are used to inform our clinical practice. You can see the various schools of psychotherapeutic thought on the UKCP website.

These two questions may well be the best way for you to ensure that your potential psychotherapist is qualified to provide professional services to you. Your mind is important enough to be sure of this.

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