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Another Trickery and Weight Loss Article

Another Trickery and Weight Loss Article

As we come to the end of January, it is my hope that we will come to the end of yet another season of hypnotherapy articles in the media being linked to trickery. I have just read an article about a woman who “tricks her brain to speed up her metabolism”. The trick? You guessed it, hypnotherapy. Yet another article written about a person who has lost weight with hypnosis. Good news? Yes and no.

The article slant is that hypnosis was used to trick her mind to speed up her metabolism. Well that simply is not something that hypnosis can do. Metabolism is beyond the reach of hypnotherapy, and the use of the phrase “trick the mind” implies yet again that hypnosis is a parlour trick rather than a serious therapeutic modality which can be used to assist people in achieving their goals as well as working on deep rooted psychological issues.

The article is not helped by quotes about yo-yo dieting by the hypnotist in question, who does not appear to have any qualifications in nutrition or health. Again it is not necessary to have nutritional qualifications to work with people with hypnosis, but it certainly would lend credence to comments and generalisations made about yo-yo dieting. After all, Hypnotherapists get rather irked with people who talk about hypnosis without being qualified, surely people who are qualified in nutrition and health would be equally annoyed at comments made by people without qualifications in these areas as well.

In any event, I do hope that this woman continues her weight loss journey and that the media does a better job at reporting the benefits of hypnosis without slanting the articles to trickery and con-artistry.

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