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HypnoBirthing and the Royal Family

HypnoBirthing and the Royal Family

Sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said that the Duchess is considering having her birth assisted through hypnosis. This should not be a great surprise to anyone in the know as there has been many research projects and studies done over the past decade into how hypnosis can help with labour pains and to make the birthing process far more pleasant for both mother and child.

Indeed, a colleague of mine, Sharon Mustard, has developed a protocol, Easibrithing, which is currently being used by both hypnotherapists and midwives up and down the country and even in places like Portugal. Sharon has spend many years fine tuning this approach which now forms a suite of courses which includes fertility and post natal mental health.

Hypnosis is an incredible tool for helping people to live healthy happy lives and it should be no surprise that it is effective in childbirth. As I have said on numerous occasions in the past, if you are going to consult a hypnotherapist with regards to birthing, please ensure that he or she is properly qualified to offer the service. If you are a hypnotherapist looking to become trained in this, why not visit Sharon’s page¬†

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