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The Importance of Hypnotherapy Conferences

The Importance of Hypnotherapy Conferences

One of the more enjoyable things I do professionally is attend hypnotherapy conferences all over the world. Indeed, I have had the privilege of presenting at 5o or more over the past 29 years. The conferences are often run by a single organisation and this sometimes leads people to not attend because they may not be a member of that organisation.

I strongly urge you to not do that. Whether you are a member of a particular organisation or not, it does not mean that there is nothing for you to learn. I have attended meetings where I have actively disagreed with the leadership of the organisation running it, but I wanted to learn from the people who they had speaking.

Remember a day without learning is a wasted day indeed, we as practitioners must never become so arrogant to believe that there is nothing more that we can learn. It is also important to recognise that teachers may not be people you will like personally, but they have information and wisdom which will enhance your practice. So I would strongly urge that when you consider your CPD requirements, you look beyond personal liking or disliking, and focus more on what there is to learn.

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