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Professionalism and Confidentiality

Professionalism and Confidentiality

If you read the tabloid press, barely a week goes by when there is not an article about an “A” list celebrity using hypnotherapy to overcome one issue or another. This of course is very good copy for the profession and is in many ways welcome. I say in many ways, because it is not always welcome when we look at issues relating to professionalism and confidentiality.

If a person, celebrity or not, wants to shout from the roof tops that they achieved something positive with hypnotherapy or any therapy for that matter, it is their right to and there can be a benefit to the profession. I am disquieted by articles, clearly written by practitioners, talking about the celebrities they have successfully treated.

I have always been, fervently against the use of testimonials, even when permission is given because we practitioners receive our payment though our sessions. Testimonials, to me and others, seem like an additional payment for life for the work we do. Also, whilst permission may be given one day, it is hard to undo the next. Testimonials for professions like ours are simply, in my view, unprofessional.

As a final point, remember this, just because an “A” list celebrity achieves something with hypnosis, this is not a guarantee that you will. Find the practitioner who will work best with you, whether they have a “celebrity” endorsement or not.

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