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Hypnotherapy for Re-Ballance

Hypnotherapy for Re-Ballance

Well, we have reached another Sunday, historically our day of rest. However, how many of us are actually using today to rest. Many of us find ourselves using this time to catch up with things we didn’t have time to do during the week as we are all busy people. Sunday as a day of rest is a long distant memory.

One way to reclaim the meaning of Sunday is to employ hypnotherapy techniques. I created an app with several recordings for just this purpose. Whilst you might not have the luxury of taking all of your Sunday off to just realign and rebalance yourself, you can certainly afford 20-30 minutes.

A little bit of you time to just sit listen and be, will have very positive effects on your life in many ways. You can be more balanced, which will help you in your job, relationship and most importantly just help you with your relationship with your self. Even if you do not have the inclination to listen to a hypnotic recording, you can do this on your own. Just find a quiet place to go for 20 minutes, get comfortable, close your eyes. Once you have done that count down from 10-1 counting every number on every 3rd out breath. When you get to one, imagine yourself in your favourite place of physical and mental relaxation. Stay there for 10-15 minutes then open your eyes and notice how refreshed you feel.

A little hypnotic exercise for this Sunday and actually any day you want.


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