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Hypnotherapy To Help You Play

Hypnotherapy To Help You Play

Hypnotherapy is not just about working with psychological, behavioural and emotional issues. For many professional and semi professional athletes hypnotherapy is fast becoming a way for them to play better at whatever sport they are competing in. Recently. a football team from Mexico a professional dart player, a boxer and golfer have all given interviews as to how hypnotherapy helped them to improve their mental game which of course had a positive impact on their overall performance.

Hypnosis is not going to make you a professional level athlete if you do not have the skills already, but what it can do is help with limiting beliefs and behaviours which are negatively impacting on your performance. Most great athletes will tell you that the sport they play is often 90% mental and 10% physical. This is why so many professional athletes are consulting sports psychologists and hypnotherapists to help them to maximise their effectiveness.

I often tell my students that to work with him performance clients such as athletes is one of the more enjoyable aspects of our work. This is because these clients tend to be more focused and determined to reach their goals. So if you are out playing anything this weekend, try some self hypnosis and see if that doesn’t help you to perform better than ever.

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