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Will Apps Replace the Therapist

Will Apps Replace the Therapist

If you are like me and love tech you cannot help but be impressed by the myriad of apps available which help to make ones life far more efficient and productive. Indeed, I have apps which handle my appointments, my home alarm, even my lights. The proliferation of apps have of course started to permeate the therapy market.

Claims are made, particularly in the hypnotherapy world, that these apps will be just as effective in treating people for their emotional and psychological issues as going to see a therapist face to face. This simply is not the case. The vast majority of apps in the therapeutic world are generic in nature. Even the app for my practice, the “therapeutic bit” are a series of ten generic recordings which can be listened to as an adjunct to the therapy I use with my clients face to face.

It is understandable that in a world that has grown accustomed to doing most of their communicating through text, instant message and email that making the therapy process more high tech would be appealing. The problem is, therapy be that hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or counselling is not a high tech pursuit. It is rather a dynamic, personal and intimate relationship where real change work can happen. By all means use apps for convenience, but an app will never replace your well trained and qualified local therapist.

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