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15 ways to be more creative

15 ways to be more creative

  1. Ask €œwhat if€ questions- the sillier the better, eg What if I paid myself a tip for every time I am nice to a client?
  2. Use metaphors and analogies, eg my job is like a flooded river, it spills over into everything and that makes people angry.
  3. Daydream, eg fantasise about being the boss and how everyone thinks you are wonderful
  4. Pay attention to small ideas: from little acorns, great big oak trees grow
  5. Use the Reverse Method, eg ask yourself, “how can I make less money?€
  6. Play €œjust suppose, eg just suppose I got up half an hour earlier
  7. Use drawing etc, eg draw your position in the world and then explain your drawing to your coach, or draw a tree and explain why it is like you
  8. Use the non-dominant hand occasionally
  9. Ask you unconscious to solve a problem or answer a question for you overnight
  10. Write poems about your life and goals
  11. Use handwriting sometimes (with a nice pen and use colours) rather than the computer
  12. Do sums, eg balance your cheque book without using a calculator or add up the value of your shopping as you go around the supermarket!
  13. When you are part way through a novel or video, stop and think up your own ending
  14. Do jigsaws and crosswords
  15. Dance!

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