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What does coaching involve?

What does coaching involve?

I am often asked what sort of things are involved with coaching and why would I want to work with a coach. Here are some components as to what coaching involves.

  • An interactive relationship between two people
  • A partnership where both contribute to finding the answers for the client
  • A sharing of
    • Resources
    • Wisdom
    • Insight
    • Processes
    • Advice
  • Dependent on the needs of the client: they know what is best for them
  • Challenging: always ask the client for more than they are comfortable to give
  • Stretching: push your clients to learn to achieve the impossible
  • Supportive
  • Encouraging of self-reliance
  • Holistic: the client is a whole person and no aspect should be ignored unless the client insists
  • Goal orientated, but remember goals are ever changing; they will emerge and alter during the process
  • Based around growth and strength, giving the client a strong base from which to take action
  • Not just the session: coaching is more effective if it allows the client to act outside of the session

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