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The coaching process

The coaching process

For many people, coaching and psychotherapy are the same thing. They are not however, for my coaching clients:

  • I support my clients to
    • Be more
    • Achieve more
    • Feel better
  • Encourage organisation so that they can fit in all they need
  • Coach the whole client:
    • Work
    • Family
    • Relationships
    • Spirituality
    • Finances
    • Leisure
    • Etc
  • Help them to realise that all areas are related to each other and work on one can impact on another without necessarily addressing an issue
  • Be creative
  • Look at causes of problems, not just symptoms
  • Ask more of the client than they have been asked before, or differently, encouraging choice and expectation. If you are out of line, they will let you know if you have set up the relationship correctly
  • Use your intuition, but check it out
  • Discourage dependence
  • Build ground in all areas of their lives
  • Remember your growth and development too: this will impact on your clients
  • Use reframing
  • Unlock the clients potential and abilities
  • Experiment
  • Support the Nike ad: just do it
  • Teach your clients
  • Advise, but do not insist that they take your advice
  • Be positive, exuberant loving, passionate
  • Be a navigator
  • Offer assessment
  • Be curious, always
  • Let go of results
  • Avoid preconceptions
  • Be neutral and do not absorb their stuff
  • Lead by following

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