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How to deal with worry

How to deal with worry

Here are some ideas to use with worry:


  1. Get the client to write down exactly what they are worried about and how the items are a problem.
  2. Tackle the items on the list one by one. Question their accuracy and truth.
  3. Look for one thing they can do about each item on the list.
  4. Select one of these that they can succeed at easily.
  5. Decide a time at which they can take that action.
  6. Get them to report back after having taken the action.


  1. Ask the client what is the worst that can happen (realistically!).
  2. Get them to imagine the worst happening, or role-play it with them if appropriate.
  3. See how it is for them, and ask how they imagine coping.
  4. Get them to write down their feelings and responses.
  5. Now look at what is likely to happen.
  6. Ask them how they will cope with that.
  7. Look at how much responsibility they have about what will happen.
  8. If it is up to them, use “Be Clear” above, if not, then use other techniques, as appropriate

NB: it can be useful to separate worry from anxiety. Of course they may well be linked but it is perfectly possible to be anxious and not worry and vice versa.

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