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Types of Goals

Types of Goals

The basic motivations in life are avoidance of pain and pursuit of pleasure. All goals can be chunked up to this ultimately. Research has shown that the motivation to avoid pain is more than twice as strong as the motivation towards pleasure. In developing your marketing strategies, you will need to take this factor into account.

Motivation also needs energy and the energy to take action needs to be stronger than the energy required to stay still.

Goals can also be divided into two types, called Means and Ends. Means defines a goal that involves a process, Ends are goals that concentrate on a specific result.

Away from                    Means

Towards                       Ends


Away from/Means:                to avoid workplace confrontation

Away from/Ends                    to avoid dying from heart disease

Towards/Means                    to get a sun tan

Towards/Ends                       to feel happy

Next time you are watching television, pay attention to the adverts and see what motivators they are using to sell their products.

The ability to set and achieve goals is the cornerstone of success. If you are able to determine the type and method of goal you are attempting to achieve, you are far more likely to achieve it and move in the direction you need to in order to be happy and well.

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