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Another Incarnation of You are Back in the Room

Another Incarnation of You are Back in the Room

Regular readers of my musings will know about how much I loath the “Hypnosis Gameshow” You are back in the room. I have a real disliking of hypnosis being shown as a parlour trick and gullible people both participant and viewers being duped into believing this kind of pap.

I read this morning that this programme is being launched in the US under the name of “Hypnotize Me” same format, same “mentalist hypnotist” doing the stage hypnosis just a different host and name. Look, hypnosis is fascinating, I have been practising for over 30 years and it never ceases to amaze me how extraordinary a tool hypnosis is in change work.

However, it does not need this kind of press. Hypnosis CANNOT make you do things you do not want to, what you are morally opposed to, or anything you are physically incapable of doing. These kinds of programmes perpetuate a myth that may well stop people seeking out hypnosis for real emotional, behavioural or psychological issues. Programmers in the US and UK should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such absolute rubbish. As hypnosis professionals we should unite in the concept of only showing hypnosis in its true form not for trickery or entertainment.

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