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More Uniformed Gay Bashing

More Uniformed Gay Bashing

I have written many times about the difficulties that the LGBT community face when it comes to mental health and acceptance. Today I have read in one of the tabloids that Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe saying that science can produce an answer for being gay. This is not the first time this self appointed expert has made offensive comments about the gay community. Armed with a poor understanding of both Roman Catholicism and empathy, it seems that she can just make offensive and quite frankly hateful comments and the media will publish whatever pap she spouts. As a psychotherapist, I have seen the damage that this kind of hate speech does to the LGBT community.

Now obviously, her comments are uniformed and ignorant and will be seen as laughable. However, this being the case, it does not mean that those who are struggling coming to terms with their sexuality will not see this as yet another slur and reason why they cannot be who they were born to be. Yes, I said it, born to be. Homosexuality is no more a choice that heterosexuality. Science understands this, the psychological and medical communities understand it, why can’t religious bigots simply accept this fact. As a final and perhaps a bit of a theological ending to this missive, theologians are in agreement that Jesus’ message and ministry was about love. I cannot imagine that if he were here today that he would condone this overt hatred towards people.

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