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The UK On The Couch

The UK On The Couch

I have been wondering over the past couple of years whether psychotherapy can offer a way forward for the country. It is clear that there is a great deal of emotions being expressed with regards to the current state of political intrigue. With so much emotion, maybe it is time for the United Kingdom as a whole to get on the couch.

Psychotherapists understand that behaviour often has a multitude of meanings. One cannot help but wonder if the whole Brexit thing is about far more than the UK leaving the EU. The passions on both sides of the debate seem to be far more intense than the situation may warrant. In my opinion, Brexit is an existential crisis the likes of which our society has not seen in living memory.

Psychotherapy is a means to explore emotional and psychological responses. Maybe it is time that the coverage of Brexit starts to look at the potential underlying reasons for it as well as how people are responding. Things are never black and white, in reality we all live in a shade of grey. This means we are more than leave and remain, we are an amalgam and that this should be explored rather than moving to the polar extremes of the debate. It is time to ask the big questions about the biggest event of our generation.

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