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The Past Doesn’t Have To Be Negative

The Past Doesn’t Have To Be Negative

It is enviable that many people come to therapists like me because of some trauma or negative experience from their past which they want to get over. This negative event often taints their present with issues like anxiety and depression. Whilst it is true that events can have a negative effect on a person’s life the event itself does not need to be negative forever.

For an event to have either a positive or negative charge it is up to us to assign one of these properties to it. One person’s negative experience can be another person’s life changing challenge which assists them to reach their goals and aspirations. When people look at their own past they are often tainted by what occurred after. It is important to remember that the past does not does not have to be negative and the way to empower yourself is to draw strength from whatever occurred.

To live one’s life in the past and blaming it for all the woes of the present means that you are looking in the wrong direction, ie you are looking backward rather than forward. Life is about choices and it is your choice to live in the now or not. It is important to remember that the past is past and therefore unchangeable and the present is just that a present live for today and positively live for the future.

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