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Gambling Issues and Hypnotherapy

Gambling Issues and Hypnotherapy

When I was teaching my foundation course this weekend the question about whether or not hypnotherapy can help with gambling issues came up, so I thought I would write a few lines about it here. The simple answer is yes, hypnotherapy can be used to assist people with gambling issues, the long answer is that it is not simple however.

For many people who have issues with gambling, they are turned on to the perceived glamour of gambling, the great casinos and beautiful people. However, the reality is usually very different. People with difficulties with gambling tend to gamble in front of a computer screen which makes the idea of doing it so much easier as you can do it whenever you like without having to go out. Many of the companies which provide online casinos are not registered and therefore not regulated here in the UK. This means in a nut shell people are promised that they have a chance to win big, but in reality, there is little to no chance of that happening at all.

There is also the addition that gamblers with an issue will often believe that the next hand will wipe out their debt, which it almost never does, because even if they win, there is a tendency to put the money right back out there by trying to not only win your money back but to make a profit.

Hypnotherapy can help clients to ascertain what it is they get emotionally and psychologically from gambling and then finding new and healthier ways for them to do this which does not involve risking their money and home in achieving it.

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