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Lack of Sleep Costs the Economy Billions of Pounds

Lack of Sleep Costs the Economy Billions of Pounds

I read an article today which claims that a lack of sleep costs the British Economu £40 Bilion pounds. This does not terribly surprise me. One of the most common “side complaints” I work with is sleep issues. Usually the lack of sleep follows people with anxiety and other forms of psychological distress.

As I remind my clients, a bad nights sleep can take days to recover from, as one is trying to get a good nights sleep whilst also trying to catch up with the previous poor nights sleep. A lack of sleep has implications outside of the bedroom.

For many who report a poor lack of sleep, they also tend to be less productive at work. They tend to be more irritable and short tempered. Of course, intimacy suffers as well due to the tiredness associated with a lack of sleep. There are many ways to improve a persons sleep most of which are obvious (don’t have caffeine before bed and keep your devices out of the bedroom are two of the more obvious ones).

I recommend to my clients that they mentally create a firewall between the days activities and sleep time. Sleep is a time to recover not a time to work things out. If a person can do this, their sleep habits should improve considerably.

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