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So how do we cope with stress? Pt3

So how do we cope with stress? Pt3

As with all things in life, each person deals with issues in accordance to their individual gifts, skills and abilities. There are three areas which lend themselves to being either an adaptive or maladaptive way to deal with stress. In order to deal with stress in a more “healthy and holistic way”, these areas need to be enhanced for the best possible results. People can do this with or without the help of a therapist.

  1. Personal resources – health, stamina, abilities…if we are in good health, plenty of sleep, exercise and general good health then we may be able to deal with the stressor. If we are in poor health, tired and irritable, then the stress is not so easy to deal with.
  1. Social – the support of colleagues etc…..if there is a good support structure in place or friends that will listen without biases, it is a good way of approaching a problem that has had to be inrenalised
  1. Material – equipment etc…Remember before we had cd writers, if our computer crashed we lost everything. But now when it crashes you go through the primary, secondary with the coping stage telling that you have your material on cd.


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