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Ichthyophobia Fear of fish

Ichthyophobia Fear of fish

People some times get the notion that humans are the dominant creatures of the earth. People often forget that there is an entire ecosystem below the sea. The creatures of the sea are varied and in many was beautiful. However there are people who have a distinct fear of fish. Ichthyophobia is the pathological fear of fish The word comes from ichtyo the Greek word for fish and phobia the Greek word for fear. Ichthyophobia can be related Ostraconophobia (fear of shellfish) and Selachophobia Fear of sharks.

This fear can often trace its roots back to early childhood where a child might have had an unexpected experience with a fish. This experience in the eyes of an adult a minor issue, but to the child it can be inflated beyond the rational. This child then takes this anxiety into their adult life. The fear can be manifested by seeing fish live in person or on the television. It can even manifest itself itself to the point where the sufferer will not even be able to eat fish due to the fear,

Behavioural Hypno-Psychotherapy is a very good way to get the cause and solution of the anxiety.

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