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Hoplophobia Fear of firearms

Hoplophobia Fear of firearms

With the recent tragedy in South Carolina, this particular phobia seems quite apt. Whilst in the UK the proliferation of firearms is nowhere near as rampant as in places like the United States, there are still some in this country, as well as others where firearms are not particularly prevalent, who suffer with a profound and intense fear of them. This phobia is known as hoplophobia and it is not nearly as uncommon as one might think.

Looking at this fear rationally, firearms are something to be respected, after all they are dangerous and have the capacity to be used to kill or cause serious injury. However, it should be noted that there is a distinct difference between fear and respect. A firearm cannot be used if there is no one to use it, this does not mean that it is still not a dangerous instrument and should be treated with the utmost care and respect.

There are those, and I count myself among them, who have a real disliking for firearms and see that they are only needed in the most extreme circumstances and almost never by civilians. I, for one, am glad we live in a society in the UK which does not allow the free acquisition of firearms.

A healthy respect for firearms without the pathological fear can be achieved through behavioural hypno-psychotherapy.

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