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Caligynephobia Fear / Phobia of Beautiful Women

Caligynephobia Fear / Phobia of Beautiful Women

Caligynephobia, is also known as Venustraphobia or Gynephobia This is the extreme fear of beautiful women. Men can become intimidated by very attractive women, and men are not the only ones who suffer from this phobia, as indeed it has been seen in lesbians as well. This condition is an extreme form of intimidation.

The symptoms of Caligynephobia can vary from person to person These symptoms depend on the extent of the fear, the sufferer’s personal history and mental state at the time of the initial sensitising event.

Caligynephobia, does have distinctly observable symptoms. Often, individuals suffer social problems related to Caligynephobia. An example would be, people with this phobia may have feel uncomfortable and nervous being around or even speaking to what they would consider to be a beautiful woman.

Caligynephobia can have a variety of causative factors. There is often trauma at the cause of any phobia. Caligynephobia can come about from failed relationships, for example. This history can cause distrust of beautiful women, which would then develop into a fear of or phobia. Gynephobia (fear of women), can be caused by main things such as failed relationships, romantic or friendship, childhood abuse by an older female, etc.

Issues with confidence and self-esteem can cause a fear of beautiful women. People who lack a positive self image may see beautiful women as being above them. The expectation of rejection may cause a sufferer to avoid its source; beautiful women, that is the cause of the extreme fear.

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