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Ballistophobia Fear of missiles or bullets

Ballistophobia Fear of missiles or bullets

Ballistophobia is a severe fear or anxiety of bullets and this fear can certainly have a valid reason. Considering the intrinsic danger of bullets and missiles are why some people develop intense and persistent aversions to these inventions since they were designed to wound or kill. It is important to note, that fear is different in this context to disliking or disapproving of these inventions.

Some sufferers might have seen someone getting shot and killed, or may themselves have been shot or shot at. Another possibility is that someone may have tried firing a gun and was terrified by the loud noise that is made when the gun is fired or the recoil after it is fired. Individuals might have personally experienced war (which might also go in concert with PTSD) or have seen in the movies or television the bloodshed and terror that shooting can bring. Another potential reason for this might be an individual who may have also lived in a neighbourhood that have high violence perhaps even gang violence and have heard stories of young people getting killed accidentally.

Individuals with this phobia will avoid gun shops, firing ranges and neighbourhoods where gang activity is prevalent. Also, they may avoid films or shows which show off the use of weaponry. Others may be terrified of persons carrying guns for self-protection or people who carry guns as part of their jobs such as the police. Any person who carries bullets or a gun can trigger symptoms and anxiety in suffered.

Similar to other phobias, this anxiety is closely linked with the fear of death.

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