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Bufonophobia Fear of toads

Bufonophobia Fear of toads

Toads are amphibians that have what many consider to be very unpleasant physical traits including the potential of being dangerous. They are different from frogs though most people can’t tell the difference between. Toads may have dry skin that feel leathery, very much like snakes, but most people with fear of toads also have fear of frogs because of their similarity in appearance.

Possible reasons for this fear include the knowledge that there are toads that are poisonous. Cane Toads for instance emit a poison that can kill both people and animals. Because of this some people might generalize that all toads are poisonous. The horny toad is also a potential reason for this phobia. However the horny toad is actually a lizard, the horny toad is frightening to look at and some people get scared at even the mere thought or sight of it.

Another potential reason for bufunophobia is the association of toads with witchcraft and sorcery, which contrary to Harry Potter versions can cause people to experience intense fear.  In Witchcraft toads are used in potions, in order to turn people into toads as some form of punishment, so this fear develops.

Clients with this fear can tremble when they see toads, or even frogs. They may exhibit other symptoms of anxiety and will run away from it.

Treatment includes psychotherapy and behaviourally based hypnotherapy. Medical treatment with anti-psychotics or antidepressants are not necessary.

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