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Teaching the Basics

Teaching the Basics

One of the most important aspects of being a professional hypnotherapist is that they have mastered the basics. In these terms the basics are smoking cessation, slimming and stress management. These I refer to as my Three S’s. For a hypnotherapist, these are also the issues which help to make his or her income in the first years of their practice. 

To many, these do not seem the most exciting of issues to be working on. However, these issues can be life changing and saving so they must not be underestimated in working with these issues. I generally believe that there is a right way and a wrong way of working with these issues. I get the opportunity to influence the next generation of therapists this weekend.

There is a need for practitioners to be able to offer these services which is honest to the client. All too often, practitioners either over complicate these issues or make them to be too simple, to the point of disrespecting the client and their issue. 

Newly qualified, and even more experienced therapists need to continue to remember that these are the issues most closely associated with the professional practise of hypnotherapy. Be good at these things or be prepared to find another profession in the long run. 

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