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Clinical Supervision a Gift for Hypnotherapists

Clinical Supervision a Gift for Hypnotherapists

One of the roles which I truly value professionally is that I am the clinical supervisor to a number of excellent, enthusiastic and professional therapists. I wrote about supervision last week and wanted to follow it up today with what I consider to be a more positive take on supervision and the supervisionary relationship.

To me, supervision is a symbiotic relationship. By which I mean that when supervision is conducted properly, both the therapist and supervisor gain tremendously from the relationship. The supervisor gains by needing to keep his or her skill set up to date as to be able to answer the questions of his or her supervisee. The supervisee gains by having a resource in their corner. A confidant they can speak to on the myriad of challenges and successes and yes failures that happen in their own therapeutic practice.

I have seen many colleagues over the years look at supervision as a box ticking exercise. These people never properly engage in the process and therefore will often see supervision as being less than useful. As a colleague of mine is fond of saying, “Anyone who has had good supervision, never complains about supervision”. I urge my colleagues at whatever stage they are in their career to truly embrace supervision as being a really vital part of their professional lives.

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