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Experience in Hypnotherapy Supervision

Experience in Hypnotherapy Supervision

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. After all, I co-created the first nationally accredited supervision qualification in hypnotherapy. I have always believed that clinical supervision is one of the most important elements of clinical practice and that it is essential that the person in the role of supervisor should be as well qualified and experienced as possible.

Sadly this does not seem to be the view of everyone. There are may practitioners who are undertaking supervision qualification just as an additional income stream. Worse still is that many of these practitioners do not have the clinical experience to offer effective supervision to the profession.

I have said many times, being a good practitioner does not necessarily make a person a good supervisor. Indeed, these are two entirely different skill sets. In fact, a clinical supervisor without some form of psychotherapy or counselling background, in my view will be ineffective for hypnotherapists. The reason for this is that supervision is about process and very few hypnotherapy courses even look at therapeutic process and not even mention the importance of the therapeutic relationship.

If you are a hypnotherapist it is essential that you seek out the best supervision that you can as good supervision will not only help you, but also help keep the public safe.

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