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Hypnotherapy and Negative Thinking

Hypnotherapy and Negative Thinking

Some say that thoughts aren’t real and in any event they cannot hurt you. I would respectfully disagree, as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, the thing I have seen as almost a universal component to unhealthy behaviour is a penchant for negative thinking.

Now, of course, for many people, the negative thinking is not recognised as such generally, indeed for many people the thoughts that are negative are actually seen as a positive. Negative thoughts are born our of negative beliefs, now these beliefs come from a plethora of sources. However, the most common place these come from are from parents and friends.

I do not want to be one of those therapists who basically say it’s all your parent’s fault. Indeed, most parents do their level best to help their kids to grown and achieve in a healthy way. However, sometimes in the pursuit of this, negative beliefs can be instilled which actually prevent this from occurring. Thoughts about not being good enough can often cripple rather than motivate people.

With my clients, I ask them to banish any thoughts that they would not share with another person. In other words, if you think that you are useless, is this something you would say to another person. If it is not these thoughts do not belong in your mind, as you should treat yourself with the same love and respect that you would treat others.

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