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Hypnotherapy and Peer Pressure

Hypnotherapy and Peer Pressure

The idea of peer pressure for many of use evoke memories of our youth, particularly in our teen age years, where we begin the process of learning how to establish boundaries and as we work toward learning who we really are as people.

However, I have read a very interesting piece by Neuroscientist Victoria Wills, about how the influence of our friends may help keep people who are over weight over weight. One cannot deny that very often those closest to us can be out main partners in crime as it were and that this can lead to us doing things which might not be in out immediate best interest.

I took this thought further, how can hypnotherapy help with this? I have used hypnotherapy many times to help my clients to create or strengthen their personal boundaries. It is only when we allow people to overrun our boundaries are we in any real risk of peer pressure. Hypnotherapy can be used to help people make the right choices for them rather than the right choices for those around them. No matter how close a person may be to you, ultimately it is you who knows what is best and that is the most important thing when it comes to achieving any goal you might want to achieve.

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