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Behavioural Effects of Stress

Behavioural Effects of Stress


These are observable in the way we act and behave. We need to understand how stress affects us and that it affects the immune system and can have serious health effects. Physically our bodies react in the same way to stress, but it is the intensity that is vital, if you head down the slope, you can’t pull back up.

Again moderate stress is good for you, gives you the edge, too much pushes you over that edge. It is not easy to resolve stresses in our complex framework of social interaction and hierarchy. Intense emotions may have to be buried with no opportunity to get them out, no short term resolve. That’s when the stress cycle kicks in. The feelings of anger, hostility, hurt and resentment eat at our very core if they are not dealt with.

The behavioural signs are probably the easiest for an outsider to spot, whereas the others you know about.

The behavioural effects and symptoms are:

• Drooped head

• Avoidance of friends or colleagues

• Forever talking, nervous laughter

• Clenched teeth

• Increased smoking and alcohol

• Nail biting, Hair fiddling ,Skin picking

• Poor hygiene and clothing neglect

• Comfort eating

• Reduced eating

• General fidgeting, Inability to sit still for long.

Again all these if taken for a prolonged period of time can cause stress related diseases. They are very real and the list is endless. Any of the combinations can cause this. There is also frustration and conflict.

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