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Mental Effects of Stress

Mental effects

Put emotional or physical effects together and you will end up eventually with mental effects. The mental effects are part and parcel with the other effects and will ultimately lead to behavioural effects.

Here are a list of the mental symptoms and effects.

·       Poor concentration

·       Poor decision making

·       Mental fatigue

·       Inconsistent communication

·       Excessive self-criticism

·       More ego centred, less group centred

·       Poor memory and recall

·       Inability to asses work and decisions

·       Short burst of energy instead of a steady effort

·       Loss of mental agility

·       Poor time management

·       Inability to listen

·       Wavering attention span.

With the above we all suffer now and again, mainly due to things like, quick changeover, lack of sleep, and worry about something or anything that may crop up. It is a vicious circle that needs resolving. How we deal with them will decide how it affects us. Normally sleep, a couple of days off or resolution of the problem stops the circle that eventually leads to burnout.


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