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Frustrations with Covid

Frustrations with Covid

I have been in two minds about writing this blog, but with the plethora of emails and postings on social media I felt that I had to get this off my chest. Therapists, please stop trying to cash in on Covid. Yes, I said it. Whilst, of course, therapists may well have insights as to some of the post Covid symptomology that many who have suffered with serious bouts of Covid will have, it is tasteless and frankly disrespectful to offer your wears as some kind of expert on the subject. There are no experts here we are all just trying to find our way in helping people who need help. Also, before you say it, just because you had Covid does not make you an expert on the subject. As someone who last year almost his life to this virus, I certainly do not claim expertise, nor should any of us.

Some therapists have lost the humility that comes from having a privileged position in assisting our clients through some of their most difficult times. There is nothing wrong with us admitting we are in the dark about much of what Covid has done to both sufferers and non sufferers alike. Despite this lack of knowledge, we do have a part to play in the exploration of the long term mental health issues which come from Covid. This will require earnest and thoughtful work, not some cheap hucksterism seeing an opportunity to make a quick buck from what has been an international catastrophe.

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