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More on Hypnotherapy and Pain

More on Hypnotherapy and Pain

It is quite interesting to me that having written about hypnosis and it’s potential to replace opioid use in some cases of pain management, I have come across news that there is a hospital in West Suffolk which has taken the bold step in offering hypnotherapy to some pain patients.

This important development for hypnotherapy treatment within the NHS was made possible through a donation from the charity ‘a way with pain’. The West Suffolk Hospital is rated as “outstanding” in it’s clinical services and delivery. It is also one of the few hospitals in the UK to offer an inpatient pain service across wards led by specialist nurses. Three of these specialist nurses will deliver the hypnotherapy.

This is the sort of programme that people like me have been waiting for. Hypnotherapy being integrated more with the NHS is, in our view the future for the profession and discipline. Hypnotherapy is a cost effective way to deliver therapeutic services and is under used within the NHS. Whilst of course private practice is still the way the majority of people will experience hypnotherapy, however, there needs to be a mechanism for people without the means to pay for hypnotherapy in order to receive it. This is an essential duty for the NHS.

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