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You’re Back in the Room, hypnotherapists united, well almost

You’re Back in the Room, hypnotherapists united, well almost

Further to my posting last week and in August expressing my disgust at ITV’s latest offering “You’re back in the room”, a “game show” where “hypnotised” contesents compete for cash, etc. I was truly thrilled with the almost unanimous support of my fellow practitioners, and professional bodies agreeing that this was a bad thing for past, present and potential clients as well as for the profession as a whole.

I am saddened, however, that one individual chose, rather than discuss or debate my position with me, he instead went to the Internet making pronouncements about me and frankly anyone who agreed with me is a disrespectful, school yard name calling way, which I believe makes us all look like ametures.

In every profession there is disagreement, that’s life, but to publicly disparage people you disagree with as being like “a load of drag queens” or “is their elastic knickers too tight” is churlish and quite unprofessional.

Well, as the adage goes, you can’t please all of the people all the time, I leave you with this thought, “How happy would you be if your therapist was on TV making money out of making people look stupid?” If the answer is “Not happy at all” stick to seeing a therapist who takes a strong position against the use of hypnosis for entertainment purposes.

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