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Yet Again More Sloppy Journalism

Yet Again More Sloppy Journalism

”Belive it or not hypnosis is not just a way to get people to embarrass themselves” This is the opening line of an article I read this morning. I have to say that it is yet another example of a journalist being lazy about his/her craft. If you look at most articles on hypnosis recently published, they do not mention stage hypnosis really at all.

Articles over the last 10 years or so have focused on how effective hypnosis can be as an adjunctive treatment for a myriad of issues. These issues range from the emotional and psychological to the physiological. The gauging bit is that the article itself was on how helpful hypnosis can be in treating sleep issues.

I know that for some in the media as well as some in the medical and psychological worlds hypnosis is seen as a bit of a punch line. This viewpoint however, is very much seen now by enlightened members of these professions as being out of touch with the research evidence which shows that in the appropriate hands, hypnosis can be of huge benefit to people suffering. It’s time to stop being the punchline for lazy journalism.

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