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Xanax Addiction and Children

Xanax Addiction and Children

For years, psychotherapists like myself, have been saying that there is a potential crisis in that drugs for anxiety are being handed out way to easily to people who would benefit far more from a course of psychotherapy or counselling.

Children are impressionable, and more importantly, children are under more pressure than in the past. Anxiety has become something that children are becoming more and more accustomed to being anxious. With their computer literacy, it is not difficult for them to purchase these drugs on things like social media. One of the problems is that these children are unaware of how strong these pills are and their addictive qualities.

I mentioned at the beginning of this piece that Xanax is being handed out too freely by doctors, and whilst I am certain of this, the over prescription of it may only be a part of the causative reasons for the addiction crisis. It is down to the medical profession and parents to discuss anxiety with children in an open and honest manner. Also to discuss the options which are not drug based in the first instance in the hopes of teaching children how to become more resilient when it comes to dealing with anxiety. A pill seems an easy answer, but like all easy answers things are not always a simple as they appear and there are consequences which have to be looked at. 

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