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The Wrong Weight for Help

The Wrong Weight for Help

One of the most complicated issues I work with as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist is body image issues for clients, especially clients with food or weight issues. For a people who have never suffered with this, it might be difficult to contemplate what it feels like to be in such a position. For many people, it is not only physical health, but self esteem and confidence that is derived from the way a person feels and looks within his or her body. Yes, that’s his or her this is an issue which is not effecting men as well as women. This is not an issue of vanity, but actually one of sanity.

Where a person seeks help it is necessary for those both in the private and public health sectors to provide the support needed without making matters too complicated or shameful for the person seeking health. In a recent news item, it has been shown that some people suffering with eating disorders are being turned away for help due to their weight not being right. In other words their BMI is not what is required for intervention.

For people brave enough to seek help with eating disorders, they should be shown every courtesy and assistance for in some cases it is literally a matter of life and death. It is time we start to normalise the fact that eating disorders in this country and the world are growing exponentially and that something must be done to help these sufferers before it is too late.

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