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Worst Kind of Hypnotherapy Promotional Piece

Worst Kind of Hypnotherapy Promotional Piece

I was looking today about what to write about, and came across an article, in OK Magazine about a star from the TV programme TOWIE undergoing hypnotherapy to deal with some of her issues. Now, I have to admit to never having seen an episode of this programme, so I cannot comment on the programme, but I will comment on the article.

I have, for years, criticised journalists for doing hypnotherapy puff pieces, and in truth this is one of the worst I have ever seen. Referring to the hypnotist in question in this manner “Rob is the best in the business and everybody knows it. He’s treated some big names, all of which have said that Rob cured them of their anxieties, depression and even addictions, such as Trichotillomania (pulling out hair)” Really? This is the whole snake oil salesman bit that I have fought so hard against. Comments like this just cheapen the work that gets done in therapy. Oh and by the way and yet again, a hypnotist DOES NOT CURE ANYONE! Therapists help people to gain resolution but we do not cure.

If this were not bad enough hypnosis is referred to in the same article as “Hypnotism may seem like a quirky way of treating people – but with celebrities lining up to have it, it’s clearly the latest new fad that really works.” Hypnosis for therapeutic purposes is not a fad, it has been used for well over 170 years. I know there will be those who read this and think all publicity is good publicity, but this simply is not true. This piece does not make any attempt to really look at what is done through hypnotherapy and seems to me to be just a promotional piece for both the actress and hypnotist. I really wish journalists would do their job and not make things more sensational than they need to be just to sell magazines.

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