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World Hypnotism Day

World Hypnotism Day

Many years ago professional hypnosis practitioners saw the need for a day that could be used for education and to clarify many of the misconceptions as to what hypnosis is and is not. This idea was crystallised and eventually the 4th of January was designated as World Hypnotism Day. Whilst is not really considered a big deal here in the UK, in the US there are many gubernatorial and mayoral proclamations from across the country declaring the 4th of January as World Hypnotism Day.

This concept of course is not uncommon. Here in the UK we have things like National No Smoking Day and other such designations which are meant to create awareness for issues or causes which need a bit of extra help in recognition. Even though things have very much changed for the positive with hypnotism as far as people recognising its usefulness as an adjunctive treatment and as a personal development tool. There are still many misconceptions as to what hypnosis can and cannot do.

Sadly some of these misconceptions are proliferated by people in the profession, who should be educating the public rather than trying to big themselves and hypnosis up beyond what it is in reality. In any event, perhaps if you are considering hypnotherapy today is the day to make contact with a local practitioner and get the information you need in order to make an informed choice.

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