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Why I Bother

Why I Bother

I have been teaching practitioners for more than a quarter century and I get asked often why do I bother continuing surely there can be little more enjoyment in it. Well, I say that there is, other than being involved with training the next generation of practitioner, occasionally someone comes along who makes all the effort worth while. One such person is Richard Nicholls.

I seldom write blogs as a testimonial to living practitioners, but Richard is an exception, I have known him for a good 17 years. He always has a smile and a kind word. He is an exceptional practitioner who now has written a book “15 Minutes To Happiness” which has been well received by the public and profession alike.

He has been an essential member of the team which helps us to bring our annual Hypnotherapy conferences to life. It is a real pleasure for me that rather than just helping this year,  Richard is presenting for the first time. His talk will revolve around happiness which is the subject of his book. Why do I bother to keep teaching? This is why, pride in the accomplishments of those I have had the privilege to teach.

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