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Why am I Being Punished

Why am I being Punished

Next week there will be a documentary on champion slimmers who have piled on the weight after they reached their ideal weight. Weight issues are common in my practice and many people have gone through the process of diets over and over again. The title of today’s post is a quote from a client of mine when she was describing the various diets she had been on. I feel that this is very real reason as to why diets don’t work. To the unconscious mind dieting is denying yourself what you want at the most primal level, food. Of course, food is an essential to say alive but human beings are really the only animals which get to choose what we eat.

It is the choice which is the rub with diets, for many, the foods that they enjoy the most are the foods which are the least healthy. I say least healthy in terms of over indulgence, the reality is that all foods to excess, those considered good as well as bad, are not good for the body. So, as I tell my clients, moderation is the key to being the best that you can be. Diets, simply don’t work for the majority, and the majority should not be shamed because of it.

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