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Who Should I See

Who Should I See

This is not the first time I have written on this subject, but in the past week I have had this question come up several times with potential clients. So you have decided to go for therapy, a decision not taken lightly, so you want to make sure you make the right choice. With the plethora of qualifications and professional bodies out there, who do you make an informed decision.

The difficulty is that this is a very subjective question, obviously, some qualifications are at a higher level than others, this however does not make the practitioner better per se. As a general rule, there are professional bodies like the UK Council for Psychotherapy which are recognised by professionals and the public alike as being legitimate professional body. But if you look at hypnotherapy there are dozens of bodies of variously levels of legitimacy, this can cause confusion to clients as often bodies which sound the most official have the lowest standards of membership.

It is essential to do your homework. Check out potential therapists websites, check out the bodies they belong to, check out the qualifications they have. Perhaps most important, talk to potential therapists and get a feel for how this person works and whether their approach is appropriate for you. Disregard testimonials, as these can often be fabricated and they are highly subjective, just because the therapy was effective for Mr X it does not mean that it will be for Ms Y.

Do your homework and good luck with your search.

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