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Who Do You Want To Be Today

Who Do You Want To Be Toady

I thought that I would start today with this very simple question. So often we feel as though we are who we are not through choice but rather through circumstances. Whilst, of course, circumstances have a role to play in who and what we are, these things are only one component. Indeed, even when you consider circumstances, we choose how we deal with these as they arrive. This choice actually means that it is not the circumstance which defines us but rather the choices we made regarding it is the defining factor.

I mention this because choice is one of those marvellous things which show that we have options. Options is another word for freedom. We are free to choose who we want to be and how we want to be. It can often be portrayed that we are victims of circumstance, but I would rather say that we are the creator of our own reality. If we can create our reality, then we might as well create it as we would want it.

So I would like you to think about my question “who do you want to be today” and take it to heart. You have limitless potential to be who you want to be, use it an make your day and your life amazing.

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