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Who and What are You in Your Therapy Practice

Who and What are You in Your Therapy Practice

By now, after the last few posts I am sure you are getting a good idea of where we are going with these ideas:

You need to know who and what you are, feel confident in being you and value yourself in order to make a success of your therapy practice.

The points that follow will help you to rate yourself on the different aspects of your particular therapy, but it is likely that you will need skills in all the following areas, as well as those specific to your therapy:

  • Building a relationship
  • Business practice
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Anatomy and physiology

I have covered the first of these already in previous posts and we will cover the second and third in general terms in future posts. I will not be looking at A & P: there are plenty of sources for you to learn this if your knowledge is lacking. The point is that you need to be good at everything, but the good news is that you can. The hard part is YOUR therapy, and that you are trained in.

I talked earlier about how labels can be limiting, but the following, if you get to the point where they really are about YOU, can be empowering:

So are you:

Ethical ?              Qualified ?          Skilled ?              An expert ?

Open ?                Committed ?       Aware ?               Knowledgeable ?

Positive ?            Determined ?      Thorough ?                  Still learning  ?

If you are the majority (or preferably all) of the above, you have the building blocks to being a successful therapist, it is simply a question of putting them all to best use.

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