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When To Be Rapid In Hypnotherapy

When To Be Rapid In Hypnotherapy

In a recent class I was teaching I was asked how did I decide whether to use a rapid induction or a more traditional progressive relaxation induction. First, I have to declare that my preferred induction style is progressive relaxation. The relaxation part of a session can often be as therapeutic as the therapy itself.

However, there are times when a rapid induction would be the preferred method of trance induction. One example of this is whe doing age regression. In these sessions I require as much time as possible to do the therapeutic changework. So the amount of time to induce trance is best limited.

The other main example of using rapid trance induction is when I work with pain. When I work with pain I endeavour to train the client to control their own sensations with hypnosis. Hypnosis rehearsal does not require longer inductions as when clients do this for themselves they will not remember how to do a longer more intricate induction.

Finally, the decision on what induction to use is based on what the client wants. I believe in a client centric approach to therapy and the choic of induction is based on what the client wants and needs.

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