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When is Hypnotherapy Not Hypnotherapy

When is Hypnotherapy Not Hypnotherapy

This might sound like a riddle, but I assure you that the answer is not nearly as complicated. Hypnotherapy is not hypnotherapy when a person is trying to sell hypnotherapy as something unique to themselves to make either a name for themselves or money. It is really that simple.

There has been a spate of hypnotherapists trying to make themselves unique by saying that what they are doing is not hypnotherapy, but is better. Now this is based on no empirical, verifiable evidence, simply the opinion of the person making the claim.

Now, I am not opposed to people making a name for themselves, that is natural in marketing. I do, however, take exception to people who are reasonably competent hypnotherapists believing that they are better than the technique. When we repackage hypnotherapy as being something whizzy sounding, rather than calling it what it is, simply dilutes the process and makes it more difficult for hypnotherapists to practice their profession.

I would ask that clients make sure that they ask potential therapists what they mean by what they offer. Also, if they want hypnotherapy it is essential that they get hypnotherapy. Too often practitioners try to sell people on the latest therapeutic craze, rather than give the client what they asked for.

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