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When is a Qualification Not a Qualification

When is a Qualification Not a Qualification

Leaving behind the weekend’s warm and fuzzy posts I find myself in a Monday state of mind. Which means I have something to rail about. I came across a press release for a course for hypnotherapists to learn sex and relationship therapy. This course will apparently give you all you need, scripts and all to help with all levels of relationship and sex therapy.

Sounds good no? Well you would expect that such training would take years. Indeed, relationship and sexual psychotherapists take years to learn their art as well as to qualify. Well, as so common with many hypnotherapy bolt on trainings, this course is a mere two days. Looking more closely at the trainer’s qualifications and discovered that that neither of them have any specific qualifications or training in sex and relationship therapy.

For pity sake, surely, we would expect that if a person is going to teach something that the person would be qualified in the subject. It is not enough to be interested in a subject in order to teach it. For a qualification to be worth the paper it is written on surely this would be the first requisite. Hypnotherapists need to be smart enough to recognise that because someone offers a qualification, does not necessarily mean that they are qualified to offer it.

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