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When and How to End Therapy

When and How to End Therapy

This is a subject seldom discussed but is a very important thing to consider. Ultimately, people should and more often than not do take good care in choosing a therapist. If the work is done well a bond or alliance is formed between the therapist and client. Once the work is done, how do you end the relationship.

Sadly, more often than would be advisable, a client simply stops showing up for sessions. No formal end just an avoidance of closure. Many times this is because the subject of ending was never discussed. It could also be that a client has issues with endings. In any case, the ending of therapy is just as important as the beginning.

We talk of a therapeutic process, and processes have a beginning, middle and end. It is essential that your therapist discusses with you the importance of a proper ending of therapy. Ironically, I suggest that this should be done at the beginning of the work rather than leaving it. Remember, therapy is a relationship, a professional one, but a relationship nonetheless. It is natural that it will come to an end, but try to ensure that the ending is just as positive as the beginning.

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