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Whatever Happened To Respect

Whatever Happened To Respect

As I begin a new foundation course in hypno-psychotherapy in London today, my mind has been drawn to the trend by some trainers in hypnosis to more or less claim that they are the only people who understand the reality about hypnosis and that they have some special insight into its working. I admit that this tends to be a trend of US hypnotherapy trainers, but this is now influencing how some people operate their teaching practices in the UK.

It can certainly be said that there are unique skills that each trainer brings to their trainings. This uniqueness is often what students use to decide who they want to train with. However, this is not some special insight and to claim that it is, is not only disingenuous, but also unprofessional.

When I first trained in the late 1980’s there was competition, one could argue all businesses have competition. However, there was respect, people competed for business but tended to be respectful of their colleaugues. I think it rather sad that there is a trend for trainers these days to denigrate their colleagues. Now that is not to say that cricisim should not occur, but a respectful tone is what we should be embracing as a responsible profession.

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